APN Widget Wizard

This simple four step wizard empowers website owners/managers, bloggers & digital asset managers with the ability to create a gallery of custom curated products. Customize your widget by choosing which products to show, widget orientation, font, size & colors. Product links are formatted with your unique/trackable APN Publisher ID.

If you do not already have a publisher ID, get one by registering Affiliate Publisher Network. Earn and average of 3% - 15% revenue share on on SHOP.COM products.

The “Country and Language” option is used to set the language used in the widget. This option also sets the product inventory in the widget to show the available inventory only for the selected country. For UnFranchise® Owners (UFOs), any “Country and Language” option can be used if your business is expanded to that country. Currently, only “USA - English Products” are eligible for the non-UFO affiliate program.